We are looking for new and innovative works of literary arts across all mediums and genres. We are particularly interested in work from women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ creators.

While Air/Light is based in Los Angeles and approaches the literary arts from a Southern California perspective, we want to read and publish work by everyone from everywhere.

And we pay! Our rates are as follows: 

  • Poetry: $50
  • Responses and department pieces: $100
  • Fiction and essays/nonfiction: $200
  • Visual art, music, and multimedia: $200

What we read

Nonfiction: Personal essays, critical essays, memoir, reviews, reportage, travel, interviews. Anything up to 4000 words.

Fiction: All genres and styles, up to 4000 words.

Poetry: No more than 10 pages per submission. We are interested in poems of all shapes and sizes, traditional or those that play with genre and form.

Cross-genre: Original work that blurs the lines of genre and from, whether text only or incorporating images and other multimedia elements.

Collaborations: Collaborative essays by two or more writers, or by a writer and an artist, up to 4000 words.

Visual Art: Original work in any style or genre, from comics to fine art and collage.

Music: Original recordings, compositions, and mixes.

Video: Short films, video essays, experimental collage, or anything in this territory.

Digital, multimedia, and interactive: Do you have a video game, a twine narrative, a choose your own adventure web story? Send it our way.


We only consider previously unpublished work.

Our taste is wide-ranging, but please familiarize yourself with the journal prior to submitting to get a sense of what we publish.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but if you decide to publish elsewhere, please notify us immediately via your Submittable account that you are withdrawing your work from consideration.

We have a small staff, so please wait one month before inquiring about the status of your submission. We’ll get to it, and we are doing our best to be as prompt as we can. Patience is a virtue.

Responses to submissions will be done via Submittable. Sadly, we are finite beings in a finite world, held hostage by the limits of Newtonian space-time and, thus, cannot respond to submissions personally.

Submission formatting

For prose, please submit your work in Word .doc or .docx format, double spaced with one inch margins, in Times New Roman 12. Please put the title and your name at the top of the first page, and please add a short bio (no more than 50 words) at the end of the piece.

For poetry, please use a new page to begin each poem, and put the title and your name at the top.

For audio, visual, or multimedia, we can work with any of the standard file types for music, image, and video. If your work demands a different file format or mode of presentation, let us know and we can work with you to figure it out.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.